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The work of the Department of Aviation Transportation in Quarantine


   Quarantine is a crisis and a big test. It has negative effects on people's illness. But the word "crisis", written in Chinese, consists of two characters: one means "danger" and the other "opportunity".

   Yes, quarantine has proved to be very positive about the opportunities for self-education and self-development for both students and teachers. Thanks to the university management for the prompt reaction, the department's teachers quickly and without problems switched to the distant form of education in all subjects.


 An interactive lecture on Skype. Conducted by Associate Professor Konovaluk V.S.



The English speaking group submits a module test job.

Teacher - Associate Professor Vysotska I.I.


Test results of students. Teacher - Associate Professor T. Derev'yanko


    Also, university teachers and students have the opportunity to access Cursera's world-class educational platform for free, where world-renowned universities invest their courses.


Master’s degree 2020!

At the invitation of the Department of Management of Foreign Economic Activity of Enterprises, from 03.02.2020 to 21.02.2020, Professor of Higher School in Kaiserslautern (Germany), Bert Forschelen, visited the Faculty of Management, Transport and Logistics.

This joint international project was conducted in accordance with the agreement of 17.12.2019. No. 55-2019 / UA-BP between the National Aviation University and the International German Economy Fund "Senior Experten Service, GmbH" (Germany).

 During his visit, Professor Burt Forschelen conducted a series of lectures and seminars with faculty, graduate students and students of the Faculty of Magistracy on the topic of "Strategies of International Management and Modern Education Systems", including the following topics:

  1. Lifelong learning processes as a need for strategic management.
  2. Strategic international management of European organizations.
  3. Advanced educational concepts in business management.
  4. Modern methods of marketing management.

Also, there were working meetings of Professor Bert Forschelen with the Dean of the Faculty, Professor O.Ilenko, and the Head of the Chair of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Professor O. Kirillenko.

In addition, teachers and students from the FEBA Marketing Department and the FMTL Logistics Department also participated in the project.

The activities made it possible to attract teachers and students of FTML to international scientific and educational exchange and increase their professional level.

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