The History of the department of foreign economic activity of the enterprises

In 1994 in the Kyiv Institute of Civil Aviation (now – National Aviation University), for preparation of specialists of a new specialty “Management of Foreign Economic Activity”, there was created the graduate department of “Management of Foreign Economic Activity of Enterprises” on the basis of administration and effectiveness of production department. For that moment the department was headed by the excellence of Aeroflot and excellence of education of Ukraine, the PhD in Economics, Professor - Rodchenko Vasul Vasuliyovuch

From the 2 January 2002 till 22 December 2016 the department was leading by the PhD in Economics, Professor, The Excellenceof education of Ukraine –Novak Valentyna.

From the 23 December 2016 till 1 October 2018 the head of Department was Doctor of Science in Economics, Professor, excellence of education of Ukraine Iliyenko Oksana.

From the November of 2018 on the position of head of the department was appointed the

Kyrylenko Oksana – Doctor of Science in Economics, Professor.


The first graduate of specialists in field of Management of FEA was in 1996. During this time in that field there where prepared more than 1700 specialists, who are working in popular domestic and foreign airlines, airports, and also in The State Department of Civil Aviation, the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, commercial banks, insurance and travel companies, etc.

The Learning staff of the Department – is the high-qualified specialists, among which there are 12 Associate Professors and 9 Professors.

Graduates get the fundamental preparation in the area of managing of foreign economic activity of enterprises, and also the specialized training in organizing, planning and managing the activity of organizations, firms, enterprises and their subdivisions.  

That specialties are aimed at preparing the specialists with principally new social-economic thinking, who are able to understand clearly the problems of organization, planning, control and managing the foreign economic activity, and of course that specialists systematically can find the variety of ways of solving the problems. They are not afraid of estimation and choosing the most effective and efficient ways, and that specialists can take the responsibility for the realization of the ways and decisions.

 The qualification of graduates from such specialties:

"Management of Foreign Economic Activity" – economist and manager of foreign economic activity;

"Management of organizations and administration" - manager (executor) from the administrative activity.



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