MANAGEMENT is the art of managing the team to achieve the goal of the organization

To learn to work in a team, make decisions and achieve optimal results, master new activities, creatively address tasks, work effectively on yourself - this is just a small list of what we will teach you at the Department of Management of Foreign Economic Activity of Enterprises.

A modern, effective manager is a collective image of a manager who fluently speaks a foreign language and embodies the professional skills of various specialists: manager, economist, marketer, psychologist, lawyer, educator, analyst, sociologist, etc.

A modern, effective manager is a leader in the art of preparing, adopting and implementing optimal managerial decisions to ensure the achievement of the goals of the company, firm, corporation, etc.

A modern effective manager of foreign economic activity is the head of a company or firm that has the theoretical knowledge, skills and practical skills in terms of bringing its firm to the foreign market, is able to establish contacts and interact with representatives of different countries, knows the world economy well, the subtleties of management of foreign economic activity, understood in national and psychological peculiarities of different peoples, knows their business culture.

The guarantor of high-quality training is the combination of educational and scientific work on the basis of the best domestic and world achievements; modern material and technical base of the university; highly skilled scientific and pedagogical staff of the department of management of foreign economic activity of enterprises.


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