The Logistics Department was established by the order of the rector of the National Aviation University №17 / od of February 7, 2003 as a separate educational and scientific structural unit of the Faculty of Management and Logistics to train specialists in the specialty "Logistics". By the way, it was on the initiative of the NAU that the Logistics specialty was included in the “List of directions and specialties by which specialists are trained in higher educational establishments at the appropriate educational and qualification levels” by the order of the Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine No. 50 of 11.01.2002 for fulfilling the order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine # 19-9 / 33 of December 28, 2001

At the first stage of its functioning, the main purpose of the department's activity was to promote the concept of logistics in Ukraine, to study, adapt and disseminate international experience of training specialists in logistics, as well as logistics solutions and technologies in the domestic business environment. The first teaching staff of the department was small in number, but no less professional, and included associate professors Kosareva OJ, Chernyshov OP, Polyansk NE, Lukina S.Yu. and assistants Karpun OV and Skachek L.M. Particularly valuable was the experience of Russian colleagues - Moscow Automobile Institute, Higher School of Economics, St. Petersburg Engineering and Economics University, who began training logistics specialists two years earlier than in Ukraine. Teachers of the department were regular participants of the Moscow International Logistics Forum, which at that time was the main source of information about the experience of implementing logistics technologies in the activities of enterprises in the post-Soviet space.

Predicting the growing demand for professional logistics managers, the department offered the labor market a variety of programs for full-time and part-time training, retraining and advanced training. In conjunction with the Association of Logistics and Supply Chain Management (AILOG), NAU-based courses were organized, the main purpose of which was educational activities and the presentation of international experience in the field of logistics. Collaboration with universities from different countries and international organizations enabled the department to develop educational, methodological, scientific and information support for training of professional personnel in logistics at the level of international standards and to become one of the leading departments of logistics in Ukraine.

Among our partners, the Italian Logistics and Supply Chain Management Association AILOG, the Coordinating Council for Logistics of Russia (KSL), the NEA Research and Training Institute with the support of the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Economy of the Netherlands, Logistics Union of Germany, BVL Logistics Association of Russia, European Logistics Association (ELA), Higher School of Logistics in Poznan (Poland), Wildeau Technical University (Germany), Ningbo University of Technology (China), Institute of Transport of Chisinau (Moldova), Department of Logistics, Magdeburg University. Otto von Henrique, Moscow Automobile and Road Institute, Volgograd State Technical University; St. Petersburg Engineering and Economics University (Russia), etc.

Taking into account the experience of European countries, the Logistics Department initiated the creation of a professional association in Ukraine - the public organization "Ukrainian Logistics Association" (June, 2005), whose main purpose was to consolidate efforts of the teaching staff of Ukraine and representatives of the business environment in the field of popularization and promotion of the business environment development of logistics theory and practice.

The establishment of the Association has enabled the more active development of cooperation with public organizations in Europe to exchange experience in the training of logistics personnel, as well as to obtain information on best logistics practices, best logistics projects and technologies for logistics business. Thanks to personal contacts with colleagues from abroad, the teachers of the department became involved in interesting projects of the European Union:

- Support to the Integration of Ukraine into the European Transport Network (TEN-T), - Intensification of training in the transport sector in the TRACECA countries (EUROPEAID / 12698 / C / SER / MULTI ),

- “LOG4GREEN: Developing International Transport and Logistics Clusters” (Transport Clusters Development and Implementation Measures of a Six Region Strategic Joint Action Plan for Knowledge-Based Regional Innovations).

In May 2012, the most significant event in the logistics of Ukraine took place: the General Assembly of the European Logistics Association was held in Kyiv. Leaders of logistics associations in almost all European countries have come together to discuss key trends in global logistics development, professional training, best practices in implementing logistics technology in business, and more. It is extremely gratifying that foreign guests highly appreciated the development of logistics in Ukraine and, in particular, the quality of training of students in the specialty "Logistics" at NAU, who were actively involved in serving the activities of the European Assembly.


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