Contents of the module EU Transport Policy (40 hours)

   I. European transport policy: strategies, achievements, challenges

(10 hours of Prof. Razumov KM)

Topic 1. Features of the development of EU transport policy (lecture).

Topic 2. Environmental and economic aspects of EU transport policy (lecture).

Topic 3. Transport of Europe (seminar).

Topic 4. Assessment of competitive advantages of EU transport (seminar).

Topic 5. EU transport policy: problems and prospects for development (seminar).


   ІІ. European standards for air transport development

(10 hours Prof. Kyrylenko OM)

Topic 11. EU air transport development strategy (lecture).

Topic 12. Single European Sky (SES): opportunities and risks for Ukraine (lecture).

Topic 13. European standards and models of operation of European airports (seminar).

Topic 14. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on EU air transport (seminar).

Topic 15. Prospects for the development of air transport in the European Union (seminar).


   III. Fundamentals of logistics policy in EU countries

(10 hours Prof. Grygorak M. Yu.)

Topic 6. Trends in logistics development in the EU. Forms of integration of Ukraine and the EU in the logistics sector (lecture).

Topic 7. Smart logistics infrastructure and EU digital logistics projects (lecture).

Topic 8. Didactic discussion: standardization of logistics services and certification of competence of logistics staff (seminar).

Topic 9. Integrated models of Ukrainian and European logistics suppliers (seminar).

Topic 10. Logistics game: Choosing a logistics supplier and planning routes for delivery of goods from the EU (seminar).

   IV. Development of transport and logistics networks in the EU

(10 hours of Prof. Palyvoda OM)

Topic 16. Transport and logistics clusters of the EU: the essence, types, conditions of creation and barriers to development (lecture).

Topic 17. Modern EU cluster policy: tools for action (lecture).

Topic 18. Regularities of construction and functioning of cluster organizations in EU countries (seminar).

Topic 19. Analysis of cases of successful experience of EU transport and logistics networks (seminar).

Topic 20. Discussion on the possibilities of adapting EU cluster policy standards in Ukraine (seminar).


Training content
EU Transport Policy Strategies
(10 hours Assoc. Prof. Lytvynenko L. L.)


Topic 1. Transport policy as one of the key factors of sustainable development of the EU Single Market.

Topic 2. Strategies, priorities, challenges and solutions in the EU transport sector.

Topic 3. European transport and logistics clusters.

Topic 4. Prospects and problems of implementation of EU transport strategies.

Topic 5. Strategies for integration of domestic transport companies into EU markets.


Studying the materials of the EU Transport Policy Module will provide student:

  • additional knowledge:

- EU transport policy strategies

- European standards in the field of air transport and logistics

- forms of integration of Ukraine and the EU in the transport and logistics industry

- laws and principles of formation and functioning of transport and logistics networks

  • additional skills:

- to form strategies and models of cooperation with European partners in the field of transport and logistics

- analyze the opportunities and threats of partnership between Ukrainian and European companies in the field of transport and logistics

- make decisions on the choice of logistics supplier and planning routes for delivery of goods from the EU

- identify and evaluate existing and potential transport and logistics clusters.

  • additional competitive advantages in the labor market:

After studying the EU Transport Policy Module under the Erasmus + program of Jean Monnet, each student will receive a Certificate, which will certify the acquisition of additional competencies in the field of European transport and logistics.


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