Directions of Preparation


Search of new innovative ways of Faculty Development, strengthening of the scientific infrastructure and material & technical base of the faculty, support in the valuesandl ong-standing tradition so fthe Universityas a scientific, educational and cultural-educational center of Ukraine.


  • Performanceof the main functions in the training of highly skilled specialists for any economic, scientific and production institutions of aviation and other industries of Ukraine and the world;
  • To make managerial decisions on taking effective measures in the process of responding to social, economic and political actions, with the aim to support the development strategy of the university (faculty);
  • To support the strict implementation of the strategic development plan of the Faculty of Transport, Management and Logistics within the framework of the overall strategy for the development of the National Aviation University with the fulfillment of the requirements of the Laws of Ukraine "About Education" and "About Higher Education", as well as the Statute of the National Aviation University;
  • Maintain and develop the main priority directions of development that will enhance the quality of the academic and scientific activities of the faculty and develop innovative approaches to modern trends in the development of society and consolidation of national and cultural values ​​of the country;
  • To maximally use and efficiently replenish the University's capacity built over the years and to ensure a high level of competitiveness in the international labor market by providing its highly skilled specialists in business and government bodies;
  • Formation of a single standard for quality assurance in education and higher education at the University and the Faculty;
  • Preparation and maintenance of high-quality publications in university editions, professional editions included in the international science-computer databases (Web of Science, SCOPUS) and bringing the scientific publications of the faculty in line with the new requirements of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.



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