Scientific work of research and teaching staff

The scientific work of research and teaching staff  of FTML is represented by the following activities:

  • writing scientific articles in quoted journals;
  • participation in scientific and scientific-practical conferences (speeches, abstracts publication, workshops discussions);
  • organization of scientific events - round tables, meetings, seminars, discussions;
  • scientific research implementation;
  • international projects development;
  • consultative work with students related to the abstracts and scientific articles preparation;
  • thesis preparation on the two levels: Doctor of Philosophy and Doctor of Sciences;
  • guidance of graduate students (Doctors of Philosophy) and Doctors of Sciences;


  1. Department's conferences

    Departments of the faculty annually organize and hold scientific and scientific-practical conferences. Active work on involving Ukrainian and foreign colleagues in the events is reflected in the numerous collections of faculty’s conference publications.

  1. Research work (by departments)

   Research and teaching staff of departments and facultùs students take an active part in research work. The results of these works are actively implemented in the educational process, as well as published in quoted journals, conference abstracts, which are indexed in ACD Scopus, Web of Science, monographs, articles,  in guidelines and manuals.

  1. Scientometric indicators (by departments)

Research and teaching staff of FTML pay considerable attention to the visualization of their own contribution to science through the creation and systematic work with profiles in scientometric databases - Scopus, Web of Science, Google Scholar. The analysis of own indicators and their comparison with profiles of leading scientists in the particular scientific field allow to activate own research, to involve colleagues in collective work, to choose quoted journals and conferences which will help to bring the best and fastest scientific results to broad scientific communities in Ukraine and around the globe.


Graduate students scientific work

The faculty conducts work on growthing research, teaching and professional staff of the highest qualification. Executives and consultants train Doctors of Philosophy and Doctors of Sciences in the following specialties:

"Transport technologies";


"Marketing" and others.



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