New prospects for our graduates have appeared recently - in the current academic year we have started training specialists with a full cycle of training in English, which opens up opportunities for the implementation of the Double Diploma Program with the Higher School of Logistics in Wroclaw (Poland). Obtaining two degrees in logistics in Ukraine and the European Union at the same time is like winning a lottery ticket, which portends good luck in employment, career growth and satisfaction with self-realization.

Professional logistics is a system integrator of material flow, which:

  • provides a combination of basic logistics functions (cargo processing, warehousing, packaging, transportation, distribution, procurement management, orders, inventories, etc.) into a single business process of the enterprise;
  • coordinates and optimizes logistics chains (supply chains, distribution, domestic, etc.) on the principle of "chain reliability is determined by the reliability of the weakest link";
  • substantiates management decisions on end-to-end traffic management in order to minimize overall costs;
  • finds compromises with logistics partners and organizes inter-firm interaction;
  • provides a high level of customer service,
  • actively uses modern information technologies (e-business, e-commerce, real-time management, etc.).

Graduates usually start their careers as a specialist in the logistics department of a manufacturing or trading company and are engaged in managing the purchase or sale of products, transportation or storage of goods, organization of the distribution network or inventory management.

The next step is the operational activities of the group leader, related to the analysis, planning and control of trade from producer to consumer.

The highest level of career growth is the head of the logistics department, director or vice-president of a prestigious company, where the logistics specialist acts as a system integrator of the company's business processes.

Graduates can work:

  • specialists and managers of logistics departments (services) of industrial, trade, agricultural enterprises; financial institutions, banks, etc .;
  • specialists in companies that professionally provide logistics services: in freight forwarding companies; at warehouse complexes and customs terminals; in transport-logistics and distribution centers;
  • consultants and experts in companies engaged in logistics consulting and outsourcing;
  • supply and sales managers at various enterprises.



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