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FTML invites to study at the dual diploma program

   Beginning with September 1st, 2021 you have got a unique opportunity to join the dual project “The Comprehensive Joint Master Studies in Logistics Programme” (project No PPI/KAT/ZO2O/1/00012/) which has been developed for Ukrainian and Polish students pursuing a Master’s degree in logistics. The project’s name is KATAMARAN  which is spelled out as Comprehensive integration of Master’s studies in logistics.  The project is budgeted by the Social Fund of the European Union within the operational program «Knowledge Education Development». 

The parties of the project are represented by the International University of Logistics and Transport in Wroclaw (Poland) and National Aviation University (Ukraine). The parties are oriented on implementing the latest trends of innovative teaching and learning methods in the educational process. 

The International University of Logistics and Transport in Wroclaw has been in the educational market for more than twenty years and has gained a solid position among the most prestigious educational establishments in Poland according to «Perpektywy 2020»  and has been recognized as the best national university in the industry .

Moreover, the International University of Logistics and Transport in  Wroclaw has received the highest rating scores for employer reputation, academic reputation, attractiveness for external investments for scientific research and international activities.

The program attracts successful executives and top-managers of prominent companies providing logistic and transport services, as well as researches, experts and entrepreneurs who have gained a proved reputation in the industry and strive to share their skills and expertise with the future professionals by giving an insight on the profession of a logistician.

The project is targeted at implementing the knowledge and skills which will develop professional competencies and expertise which are highly required by employers and make the graduates highly competitive in the labor market.



Join the studies and get joint diploma

As part of the project „Logistyczne wspólne studia II stopnia – Comprehensive Joint Master Studies in Logistics”, the International University of Logistics and Transport in Wrocław, Poland, and the National Aviation University in Kiev, Ukraine, have developed and adapted their curricula to the requirements of employers and the dynamically developing labour market. The project aims at promoting education in professions of the logistics industry, using the latest technologies in the educational program

About Project Partners

The International University of Logistics and Transport in Wrocław has existed for 20 years. The University's priority has been constant care for the quality of teaching as well as high level of education, meeting the highest European standards.

The International University of Logistics and Transport in Wrocław is the best logistics university in Poland, according to the “Perspektywy” Ranking in 2020,2019,2018…

The high position in the Ranking confirms the University's commitment to the implementation of education in accordance with modern academic standards, and also proves the highest quality of studies as well as places the University among the leaders on the higher education market.

National Aviation University (NAU) in Kiev, is a leading aviation University in the world, educating in the most promising areas at future-oriented majors and specialties. Currently, NAU educates 25 thousand students from over 55 countries. Since 1999, the University has been implementing the curriculum also in English language..

As the first one in Ukraine, the Department of Logistics at NAU started the academic training of logistics managers. The academic staff of the Department of Logistics cooperates with international partners and is based on global experience in the professional training of personnel in the logistics industry.

Organization of studies

The studies start in the academic year 2021/2022 and will be conducted in English language.

The offer is addressed to 20 candidates(10 from the IULT in Wrocław and 10 from National Aviation University in Kiev) who want to improve their qualifications and obtain a joint diploma of completing a second-cycle studies in the field of logistics, specialization: Industrial Engineering.

The studies last 4 semesters.

Classes in the first year of studies are held at the National Aviation University in Kiev, while the second year of studies is carried out at the IULT in Wrocław.
The study program includes additional elective subjects:
I year of studies - 4 subjects,
II year of studies - 5 subjects.

The offer is addressed to candidates who have completed first-cycle studies: Bachelor’s or Engineer’s.

Good to know

The unique programme of second-cycle studies of Comprehensive Joint Master Studies in Logistics in the field of logistics has been developed by the International University of Logistics and Transport in Wrocław and National Aviation University in Kiev, taking into account the most modern trends and methods of education, that will be used during the implementation of the study program.

The program aims at increasing the internationalization and strengthen the potential of both universities, thanks to which students gain the opportunity to study in a multicultural academic environment.

Additional benefits

Free studies and scholarships for students.

Obtaining a joint diploma of completing studies in English

Certified, specialized trainings - supply chain management - external training + certificate, Anylogic and TransEdu IT training, as well as case study with business

Study visits to reputable companies in the logistics industry.

Weekend school - trips around Lower Silesia

Integration and intercultural training

Free studies and scholarships for students – possibility of studying for free and guaranteed scholarships in the amount of:
PLN 1,500 net / month for students of the IULT in Wrocław during their stay in Kiev,
PLN 2,000 net / month for NAU students in Kiev during their stay in Wrocław.

The costs related to the arrival, insurance, obtaining a visa and return to the country are refundable up to the amount of PLN 1,000.

Guarantee of obtaining a joint diploma of completing studies in English – Graduates receive a joint diploma of completing second-cycle studies in English, recognized by valued employers from the logistics industry. The condition for obtaining diplomas is passing all subjects, completing an internship and defending a thesis. 
Certified, specialized training - acquisition of additional skills and qualifications

Supply chain management - a training that will allow students to master the rules of making the supply chain more flexible and learn about the possibilities of the latest logistics technologies used to shorten the time of logistics operations, learn the principles of supply chain management, as well as the rules for determining inventory levels.

 is a multi-functional modelling and simulation package using three methods: systems dynamics, discrete simulation and multi-agent simulation. The universality of this solution is unique on the market of this type of software.

TransEdu - is a program that allows students to impersonate the owner of a transport company. It is a platform that enables the exchange of information, guaranteeing the delivery of cargo and completing the payment in time. 
During the classes, students have the opportunity to face the processes that are supposed to reflect daily work. This tool is used by specialists all over Europe.

Study visits - the opportunity to visit the headquarter or branch of the company and learn about its internal structure. 
Students will learn about practical aspects related to functioning of logistics centres, latest technologies and tools used in logistics.

Weekend school – weekend activities of an educational nature, aimed at strengthening the relationship among students, as well as presenting the tourist attractions of Lower Silesia. 

Integration and intercultural trainings – exercises, which take into account the aspects of history, literature, monuments and culture of both countries. 
The aim of the training is to ease the existing intercultural barriers and to integrate the academic community from different countries.




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