Quarantine: New Challenges or Opportunities for Changing the Professional Training System

09 April 2020


   The need for radical changes in the higher education system has been talked about for a long time. The National Aviation University has already developed the concept of a digital university, which envisages the implementation of an online educational process. A global problem associated with a pandemic virus pandemic has identified the ability of all staff to make the most rapid change in the organization of the learning process most effective, in this situation, through the introduction of new technologies and tools in the workflow and the transition to a virtual environment.

   The pedagogical staff of the Faculty of Transport, Management and Logistics actively participated in the process of digitalization of the educational process and distance learning using Google classroom. This free web service allows teachers to solve a threefold problem: fixing new material, evaluating student achievement, and completing homework.

   Teachers and students have to study in "combat" conditions, that is, to create electronic classes (disciplines), adapt the theoretical material of the discipline to presentation on electronic disks, give homework and individual tasks for students to work out practical and laboratory assignments, to receive them .

   We have already experienced the benefits of a “one-stop shop” designed to engage teachers and students in the online space. In a very short span of time, we have mastered the Flipped classroom technique, or flipped lesson, when students learn the main material at home.

   The next step is to create interactive courses and complete team assignments, as well as video conferencing.

   Therefore, distance learning after quarantine has become a catalyst for radical changes in the educational process at FTML. We are confident that the step taken will help to improve the quality of training and development of competences in the use of modern information technologies in professional activity.

   Yes, quarantine has proved to be very positive about the opportunities for self-education and self-development for both students and teachers. Thanks to the university management for the prompt reaction, the department's teachers quickly and without problems switched to the distant form of education in all subjects.

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