If you are a romantic, want to create history and change the worldview of entire nations and continents, then you are definitely interested in who manages the global flow of goods on our planet, who ensures the viability of international space stations, who will organize space travel in the near future.

The Department of Logistics is not just a team of professionals - teachers of the highest qualification, but a team of like-minded people and people who are madly in love with their work and "fans" of logistics! It is a solid fusion of many years of wisdom, experience and youthful zeal, which teachers generously share with each new set of students. We try not just to give knowledge of the concepts, methods and technologies of logistics, but to form a logistical thinking that helps graduates to be successful in any field of activity.

Field of knowledge: 07 "Management and administration"
  Specialty 073 "Management"


The first (bachelor's) level of higher education

Educational and professional programs:

The second (master's) level of higher education

Educational and professional programs:


Levels of preparation, terms of training

Bachelor: 3 years 10 months (full-time)

Bachelor: 4 years 6 months (part-time)

Master: 1 year 4 months (full-time, part-time)


ZNO subjects

  • Ukrainian language and literature - 0.3
  • Mathematics - 0.25
  • Geography or foreign language - 0.35


The Department of Logistics has many years of experience working with colleagues from the International University of Logistics and Transport in Wroclaw to coordinate the content of disciplines, prepare textbooks for specialized courses for students of Ukraine and Poland, conduct joint research and participate in educational projects of the European Union. Erasmus + academic mobility programs.

A high level of training is provided by internships for students at the best airlines in Ukraine and Poland, involving students in research and international activities in the field of logistics, aviation logistics and supply chain management. Certified trainers and instructors of leading aviation organizations ICAO and IATA are involved in teaching.


Learning process

In the process of learning students study disciplines that provide modern knowledge and skills on the principles of building logistics systems of micro, meso and macro levels, design and optimization of logistics processes of enterprises and organizations, their information and financial support, customs clearance of export-import operations, logistics projects and providing quality logistics service.

Students gain theoretical knowledge and acquire practical skills in production, transport and warehousing logistics, organization of procurement of raw materials and distribution of finished goods, use of modern information and communication systems and information technology in logistics and supply chain management. Teachers of the department have prepared many innovative courses that focus on the use of modern concepts of management, marketing and logistics in the practice of enterprises of various sectors of the economy.


Disciplines studied

OPP "Logistics"


  • Ukrainian language (for professional purposes)
  • Foreign language (for professional purposes)
  • Higher and applied mathematics
  • Statistics
  • Information systems and technologies
  • Introduction to
  • System approach in logistics
  • Economic and mathematical methods in logistics
  • Technology systems
  • Commodity science
  • Controlling
  • Logistics infrastructure
  • Production logistics
  • Warehouse logistics and inventory management
  • Transport logistics
  • Logistics service
  • Geology
  • Electronic logistics
  • Customs logistics
  • Logistics engineering
  • Economics of logistics
  • Logistics planning
  • Logistics centers
  • Standardization and certification of logistics works and services
  • Legal support of logistics
  • Aviation security
  • Logistics project management
  • Ecological logistics


OPP "Aviation Logistics"

  • History of Ukrainian statehood and culture
  • Business Ukrainian language
  • Philosophy of modern society
  • Professional foreign language
  • Information systems and technologies
  • Economic theory
  • science of law
  • Higher and applied mathematics
  • Probability theory and mathematical statistics
  • Management
  • Right
  • Business statistics in management
  • Business process management
  • Economics and finance of the enterprise
  • Marketing
  • Operational management
  • Accounting and Auditing
  • HR
  • Strategic management
  • Investment and innovation management
  • Academic skills of professional training
  • Fundamentals of logistics and supply chain management
  • Logistics infrastructure
  • Aviation management
  • Global aviation regulation
  • Aviation logistics centers
  • Postal logistics
  • Aviation economy
  • Freight logistics
  • Passenger logistics
  • Management of logistics projects in aviation
  • Cost management in air supply chains
  • Training practice "Introduction to the profession"
  • Organizational and technological practice
  • Economic practice
  • Pre-diploma practice
  • Psychology of professional activity
  • Air transport activity
  • Foreign language of business communication
  • Fundamentals of political analysis
  • Customs procedures at airports
  • Security of supply chains
  • Logistical support of the life cycle of aircraft
  • Reversible logistics of aircraft parts
  • Aviation security
  • Logistics service
  • Ecological logistics
  • International aviation law
  • Air supply chain control systems
  • Electronic standards of freight transportation
  • Planning of air supply chains
  • Sale of aviation logistics services


OPP Master "Logistics"

  • Intellectual Property
  • Occupational Health in
  • Civil Protection
  • International private law
  • Methodology and organization of scientific research
  • Logistics management
  • Design of logistics systems
  • Supply chain management
  • Financial flows in logistics systems
  • Information systems and technologies in logistics
  • Knowledge management in logistics systems
  • Logistics consulting
  • Transfer of innovations in logistics systems
  • International credit and settlement and currency transactions
  • Logistics by air
  • Conflictology
  • Logistics workshop
  • Logistics outsourcing



OPP Master "Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management"

  • Conflict management
  • Methodology and organization of scientific research in logistics
  • Global economy
  • Strategic supply chain management
  • Supply chain design
  • Planning and operation of supply chains
  • Business analysis and data processing
  • Partnership management in supply chains
  • Business foreign language (special course)
  • Simulation modeling of supply chains
  • Savings supply chains
  • Transfer of innovations in supply chains
  •   Supply chain audit
  •   Reverse flow management

Practice and employment

The department has close ties with potential employers - well-known logistics companies "Kune and Nagel", "Zammler Ukraine", "Schenker", "Raben", "Ekol", "Denka Logistics", "FTP", "Diana Lux Logistics" , Nova Poshta, Delivery, DHL, TNT, Freight Forwarding Cargo, as well as logistics divisions of Obolon, Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, Imperial Tobacco , "Farmak", "Foxtrot", "Fozzy Group", etc .;

Representatives of business and logistics companies are actively involved in the educational process, hold meetings with students, participate in the work of state examination commissions and more. Dozens of guest lectures, business excursions to enterprises, the evening of the Logistics Halloween alumni meeting, the ZAMMLER's Logistics Experience for Z-Generation logistics marathon, business games for masters, Lean Supply Chain, and Logistics games have been held recently. "And" Brain Ring "with the support of" Kuehne + Nagel "," Zammler Ukraine "," Ekol Logistics "and" Gefko ".

Students of the department studying under the educational-professional program "Logistics" have the opportunity to attend business events of partner companies, in particular, logistics breakfasts of the company "Husky", trainings of the association "Ukrainian Logistics Alliance", logistics academy "5PiL", Kyiv logistics business -schools, "Professional Logistic School" and others.





         Professional logistics is a system integrator of material flow, which:

  • provides a combination of basic logistics functions (cargo processing, warehousing, packaging, transportation, distribution, procurement management, orders, inventories, etc.) into a single business process of the enterprise;
  • coordinates and optimizes logistics chains (supply chains, distribution, domestic, etc.) on the principle of "chain reliability is determined by the reliability of the weakest link";
  • substantiates management decisions on end-to-end traffic management in order to minimize overall costs;
  • finds compromises with logistics partners and organizes inter-firm interaction;
  • provides a high level of customer service,
  • actively uses modern information technologies (e-business, e-commerce, real-time management, etc.).




  • heads and managers of departments (services) of logistics of enterprises, organizations and institutions of various sectors of the economy (industry, agriculture, trade, etc.);
  • specialists in companies that are professionally engaged in logistics and logistics services:
  • in freight forwarding companies;
  • at warehouse complexes and customs terminals;
  • in transport and logistics centers;
  • in distribution centers, etc .;
  • consultants and experts in companies engaged in logistics consulting and outsourcing:
  • documentation and information support;
  • provision of customs and licensing services;
  • design of logistics chains;
  • design of the logistics system of the enterprise;
  • advanced training of logistics staff;
  • introduction of information technologies for material flow management, etc.


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